PC Tank Covers

Keep hot foods hot… Keep cold food cold…

Keep your products fresh & frozen for hours after hours sophisticated alternative for home deliveries of ice-cream most reliable range of products for transportation and distribution of frozen products devoled to transportation and distribution of frozen products your must dependable source for freeze pads

  • PUF insulated double walled boxes. Superior quality & aesthetics.
  • Specially designed rubber strap for air tight lid.
  • Strong and rugged designed for rough handling.
  • No metal parts u safe and hygienic for storage.
  • Special drain valve available for easy cleaning.
  • Easily stackable.

Chemical storage tank

Our rich industry experience in successfully providing high quality chemical storage tanks. Our range of chemical storage tanks comprised of cylindrical storage tanks and plastic storagetanks. Chemical storage tanks are used in the chemical & pharmaceutical industries for the processing & storage of diverse chemicals.

Very low temperature variation

Storage of temperature sensitive products like ice cream, frozen food, milk products, chicken, fish, frozen meat, terrece water tank, vegetables and is a necessity in all areas of food processing industries.