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Innovative, Frameless, Green & Pollutionless Dome Houses and Roof Panels.

Prince Composites Domes Houses

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PCDOMES HOUSE Special Features :

Dome house system is a reliable solution that can be characterized by its strength, easy handling and easiness in installing, in addition to providing healthy accommodation conditions with the minimal infrastructure required.

  1. Self supporting space-age buildings. No frame required.
  2. High impact resistance stronger than steel. (> 8000 psi).
  3. High weight load capacity (4000 kg).
  4. The Aero-dynamic curved surface of the panels reduces wind resistance, enabling the house to  withstand Straight-line winds of 160miles per hour or more.(capable of withstanding category 5 hurricanes and 0.5g Seismic loads earthquakes)
  5. The PCDOMES panels used to construct the house require no painting and do not deteriorate from water, rot, or insect infestation. The use of UV (ultra violet) ray substance on GP-type gel coat prevents cracking and fading of color with 50 years life span.
  6. The color (gel coat) of the PCDOMES is bonded into the surface during the molding process thus assuring durability and virtually no surface maintenance other than an occasional wash.
  7. Sun heat retardant, rust and corrosion proof.
  8. No or very low maintenance required.
  9. Extremely resistance to weather damage.
  10. No snow / debris pile-up on the roof.
  11. The PCDOMES can be easily dismantled, transported and can be relocated to the new site/ location due to light weight.
  12. The PCDOMES is completely sealed i.e. water-tight and air-tight. On site the panels are bolted together and anchored to a concrete/wooden/girder foundation.
  13. The PCDOMES can be assembled/erected/installed in just one day. It generally takes four people & 8 hours to assemble.
  14. Very cost effective and rapidly constructible.