Domes Houses

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Dual Side Gel Coated Fiberglass & 75mm PUF Insulated Panels

New Concept of Waterproofing We have best Waterproofing Solution to prevent leakage of

concrete bathrooms and toilets Ready to Use Gel Coated Fiberglass Sunken Tub ( Pan )

Concrete Bathroom  & Toilet Leakage Waterproofing Fiberglass lining Solution With

FRP Mesh Coating KbRs


PC Domes Compare with Styrofoam, Monolithic & Concrete, Bricks, Herringbone Brick , Mud , Dome Kits  Dome Homes, House Construction Process

Pre-fabricated Modular Dual Side Gel coated + Fiber Glass + 75mm PUF Insulated Sandwich Panels Domes Homes
Energy Efficient building : Domes unique shape helps cutting down air space by 25% which we cool and warm always if air conditioned, with PUF layer already maintaining temperature, around 35% energy efficiency achieved. No corners, just smooth round walls and roof which feels very natural and nurturing to the human being.

Light Weight, High Strength,
Low Maintenance Domes Building system for accommodation
UV Resistant, Quick to Construct
Protect your from Natural Calamities
near Zero Maintenance
No Painting, No Termite, No Rot
No Weathering
Centuries of Life etc

Domes structures which can withstand cyclones, hurricanes, earthquakes, hail, heat, cold and more.
sandwich panel insulation – cool in summer, warm in winter
structural performance – category 5 cyclone engineering, Earthquakes, hail, flood, extreme heat and extreme cold
low maintenance – saves time and money
demountable version – relocatable
Domes Panel for Domes Homes, Domes Shelters, Multiple Domes Houses
Studio Apartment, Tourist Apartment, Storm Shelters

Select your Door and Window options
Select Color and texture
Mark Electrical plan
Get your Panel ready
Take delivery of the Panel
Assemble in an one days Domes House

The domes is a naturally strong shape and when combined with the right engineering and materials can be made to withstand extreme loads including underground houses or underground storm shelters or even underground bunkers.

Construction Process
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